Are you really married?

Yes. 8 years and counting. In real estate years that's like 24 years. Jan was a client of Jeff and he not only found a house for her, but a home as well.

Do I have to pay double the commission when I work with you both?

Only if you want to. :) But the real answer is no. You get two realtors for the price of one.

What's your reputation in the broker community?

We have earned a reputation in the broker community of being knowledgeable, hard-working, and successful. Our peers welcome partnering with us on transactions. Our clients particularly benefit from our solid reputation when we represent them as buyers in multiple offer scenarios. We were recently recognized as one of the top 100 (out of over 4000) producers in the Contra Costa Association of Realtors..

How do you approach tough negotiating situations?

We feel that there is absolutely no substitute for having thorough market knowledge. Because we study the market daily, we are able to promote your property and negotiate on your behalf with the deepest conviction. We strive to understand the needs and desires of opposing parties. We identify the area of common ground, and strenuously advocate our client's position with facts and fairness..

How do you approach selling a home?

We are experts in preparing a home to sell for its maximum potential sales price. Our experience of buying, refurbishing, and selling homes on our own account has honed this expertise. We provide, at our cost, professional staging and photography. When virtually all buyers see a home for the first time on-line, its digital representation cannot be underestimated or compromised. We understand that a buyer will pass through and eliminate a home from contention in a matter of seconds if it is not portrayed expertly and in its best light.

How do you help me as a buyer?

We will carefully listen to your wants and needs. If the home you desire is not on the MLS we will explore recently withdrawn and expired listings and send letters directly to owners of homes that are unlisted but fit your parameters. Once a home is identified, we will professionally package your offer for presentation to the listing agent. The package will concisely present the offer in bullet form, provide documentation of your financial capabilities, and narrate why you placed an offer on the home and how we arrived at the offer. We have a remarkable record of success when representing buyers in competitive multiple offer situations.

What should I do to prepare to buy a home?

The most important thing that potential home buyer's can do is to go through the process of pre-approval with a lender for financing a home purchase.  This simple step not only lets you know how much home you can afford to buy, but it also puts you in the strongest possible negotiating position with a home seller when it comes time to make an offer on a property.  The next most important step is to find the right buyer's agent to represent you in your search for the perfect home.  A real estate professional knows what you should be paying for that home you want to buy, and they can negotiate the best deal because they are there to represent your best interest.

When is the best time to shop for a home?

The prime time for home buying and selling are spring and summer months, which means there is more competition with more potential home buyer's looking.  So, if you want to get a better deal on a home, then search for real estate during the slower months from August to January.  With less activity in the real estate market, home sellers are more likely to negotiate a better deal.

Many people also feel that they should look at properties for sale on Saturdays, Sundays, or during evening hours.  That is when most people are not at work, but it is not the best time to do business.  If you want to make an offer on a home during these times, the listing agent can not verify your pre-approval with your lender until normal business hours resume.  If you make an offer on a home during a weekend day, competing offers for that same property may be presented together with your offer on Monday.  Think of home buying as a serious business transaction and take time off work to do some house hunting so that you can submit offers during normal business hours, it can give you a competitive advantage.

What should I look for when selecting a realtor?
  • Cares more about your priorities and your money than their commission. As your fiduciary representative, that is actually an agent's legal obligation. (And in a business based on reputation and referrals, it's also smart business.)
  • Negotiates effectively and, at your instruction, aggressively to achieve the best possible price and terms. (A good agent who knows how to negotiate can easily make a 5% difference in sales price when compared to a mediocre one).
  • Never makes decisions for you nor pushes you to make decisions a certain way, but lays out all the information, options and strategies for your consideration.
  • Ensures you understand what's happening, what's necessary and what's at stake at every step.
  • Tells you the truth as best as can be discerned—positives, negatives, upsides, downsides, changes in the situation…even what you might not want to hear.
  • Offers an array of qualified professional resources—inspectors, lawyers, escrow and loan agents, etc.—and advises you when their counsel is required.
  • Coordinates, manages and controls—based upon your decisions—every aspect of the process. Always with an eye to protecting your interests.
  • Knows the market in your geographic area and property type inside out—its values, market trends, neighborhoods, pros and cons, legal issues, its agents.
  • Gives you the time and attention you need.
  • Keeps his or her promises. Works hard. Works on your timeline.
  • Has excellent client references.
  • Ideally, loves the business of real estate—because it's simply more enjoyable to work with someone who enjoys what they do.